Tuna fish

A tuna (also called tunny) is a saltwater fish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a subgrouping of the Scombridae (mackerel) family.

Sword fish

Swordfish, also known as broadbills in some countries, are large, highly migratory, predatory fish characterized by a long, flat, pointed bill. They are a popular sport fish of the billfish category, though elusive.

Reef fishes

Coral reef fish are fish which live amongst or in close relation to coral reefs. Coral reefs form complex ecosystems with tremendous biodiversity.

About Us

Blueline International, which is a seafood trading company based in Sri Lanka, deals with fresh chilled marine fish production and export. We have been doing fishing for many years practicing well on board handling of fish as they need to meet certain requirements with quality and food safety. Presently we are catering to the markets of Italy, Netherlands, UK, USA, Malta, France, Denmark, Israel, and Spain. We are committed to supply regular quantities of quality assured “Fresh Chilled Fish Products” (Tuna/Sword GG/H&G & Reef Fishes) with attractive prices. We are concerned about the complete tractability of the products which we export. We strictly follow EU regulations and HACCP methods.

Our Streangths

  • Strive to be one of the premier exporting company with a top-class director who has reached great heights by his experience of over years.
  • A Strong network spread throughout the country with registered suppliers who maintain buying agreements with blueline international.
  • Our own freezer truck transport systems to ensure freshness of products.
  • Packaging is done at a EU approved processing plant which has obtained HACCP,FOS,ISO,SLS and BRC certifications and comply with all parameters of quality and hygiene to cater to the quality requirements of our buyers.
  • Our factory is Located in Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka with a close proximity for main Fisheries Harbors at Negombo and Dikowita.

Directors Profile

Mr.H D T Ishara, founder and Director of Blueline International, started out as a small scale exporter founding the Blueline Fisheries (Pvt) Ltd in 2008. With experiences of the industry of fish exports and providing best service and scaling up the business with Mr. G.D.R. Chaminda, Director the company later took advancement in catering a larger scope establishing the Blueline International (Pvt) Ltd. Due to their hard work and commitment enormously helped in expanding the small scale business into what it has become today, a well-recognized fisheries exporting company. Having high regard for quality and concern towards providing the best products to buyers. With the experience gathered by being in the business for over 12 years, Mr.Ishara is knowledgeable in areas of long line deep sea fishing vessels, quality control and exporting of products.

Their personal involvement to the process and observation is the key of maintaining the quality of products. Their expertise, advice and experience is highly valued by the dedicated staff. Both directors maintains good inter-personal relationships with the staff and offers valuable advice in order to keep all areas operating smoothly. Following ethical guidelines with regard to the fishing industry and complies with the policy of sustainable fishing practices.


We are Blueline International, Why you need to choose us ?

A reputed and a reliable supplier of quality fish for the export market and have gained diversified into fish products such as Tuna, Sword Fish and Reef Fish varieties.

  • 01 EDB approved fish exporting company.

    Blueline International (Pvt) Ltd. is a EDB approved Fish exporting Company that we have been in the business for over 12 years and is well recognized for our quality exports.

  • Processing plant of the Blueline International (Pvt) Ltd, adheres all the regulations and standards provided by the regulators for fish quality control ensuring sanitary and hygienic processing standards.

  • The company has employed well trained and experienced staff comprising Quality Checkers and Quality Controllers, Laboratory Professionals & Processing and Packaging Staff with Machinery Operators to concentrate on ensuring the best quality products.

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Blueline International (Pvt) Ltd is eager to provide quality products and best service for their customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry about fisheries related service or product. We are willing to serve you.

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